This blog is aimed at anyone learning to live a regular city lifestyle with either coeliac disease, a gluten or a wheat, barley or rye intolerance.

MeI’m Zara, and I have been an undiagnosed coeliac for 3 years now. I have always known that I was intolerant to something, and having not eaten carbohydrates including pasta, bread and pizza for as long as I can remember, and also being ill at least 5 or 6 times a year I decided to do something about it.

I wrote down a food diary of everything I reacted to. It quickly became apparent that wheat and gluten were the culprits. In trying to get diagnosed, I was told that I would have to eat a piece of bread every single day for the disease to show up on my blood test, and in refusing to put my body through this the result obviously came back negative.

Coeliac disease is one of the most undiagnosed illnesses, with doctors thinking that 1 in 1000 people have it, where as it is actually more like 1 in 10!

So for all of you that are either diagnosed, or undiagnosed or just trying to eat a little less wheat, this web site is created for you, with all my gluten free recipes to prove to you and your friends that gluten free food isn’t that expensive, hard to make and that it is also absolutely DELICIOUS! I will also be testing out loads of London restaurants so you guys are not afraid to go out and eat with friends, and you will still get the same helpful friendly service and great food as everyone else.

To all you London and other city coeliacs out there…. Make love not wheat!


London Skyline_madewithout


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