The Gluten Free BBQ Burger

These burgers will never fail to impress your non coeliac friends. With the salt acting as the binding agent, there is no need for egg white, bread crumbs or flour. Big fresh juicy beef burgers the hold together when cooked on a bbq, pre made shop ones will never be bought again!

bbq main

Serves 6 with side dishes

5 mins prepping meat

30 mins resting

15 mins cooking on a hot bbq

2 packs lean beef mince 400g

2 large pinches of salt

sprinkle of powdered stock

2 tsps mixed herbs


bbq secondary

Combine the 2 packets of raw mince, with 2 large pinches of salt, a generous amount of pepper, a sprinkle of powdered stock and the 2 tsps mixed herbs.

Mash it all up into a large sausage like shape. Wrap the meat up in some clingfilm and rest in the fridge for 30 mins, or however long until your bbq.

Make into pattie shapes and grill on a hot bbq.

Cook the burgers for about 5-7 mins on each side, you’ll be able to see when theyre done. Make sure they are cooked enough before you flip them over as otherwise you are at risk of them falling apart.

Serve with a gluten free bap, potato salad, a green salad and some home made tomato salsa and enjoy your fresh home made gluten free burger.


2 responses to “The Gluten Free BBQ Burger

  1. So helpful. My little sister is GF and its really hard sometimes to remember what not to put in things. I’ve bookmarked this for summery weekends 🙂

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