The Gluten Free Brunch

The best thing to feed plenty of hungover bellies, with no need for a greasy fry up! Plenty of fresh avocado, mozarella, tomatoes and herbs.


Serves 4 hungover people

20 mins prep

15 mins cooking

balsamic vinegar

Pepper and Salt

Mixed dried herbs


4 x spring onions.


To serve

Orange Juice (bloody mary if you’re that way inclined!)




Begin by placing the bacon into a hot pan, no oil required as there is enough fat on the bacon.


Break the 4 eggs into a bowl and add the splash of milk or a spoonful of the creme fraiche. Stir in the chopped up spring onions, a large pinch of salt, a generous amount of pepper and a sprinkling of mixed herbs. Whisk up with a fork.


While you’re waiting for the bacon to become nice and crispy, slice up the tomatoes into chunks (doesn’t have to be neat) and place into a bowl with the torn up mozzarella. Drizzle in a little olive oil, and then about 2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar. Once again a generous amount of salt and pepper, a sprinkling of dried mixed herbs and then scrunch up the mixture, coating everything in the balsamic vinegar. Take to the table and garnish with the fresh basil.


Take the avocados, slice round the outside, de-stone them and then slice the inner part into strips. Push out with your fingers onto a plate. A drizzle of a lemon, some salt and pepper and those avocados are good to go! Nice and simple.


When the bacon is almost done pop the bread in the toaster or under the grill, don’t forget it!


Remove the bacon which should be nice and crispy now, you can blot it out on some kitchen roll to remove some of the oil and then place on the table. Pour the eggs straight into the frying pan with the bacon bits in (it will taste AMAZING!) and then turn off the heat. Stirring constantly to get nice scrambled eggs. Depending on how well done you like your scrambled eggs, I would say to remove them off of the heat completely just before they are cooked all the way through, this way you’ll prevent your eggs from being overdone and rubbery.

Garnish with the fresh basil and take to the table.


Pile up your mound of brunch and tuck in, with a glass of orange juice and a coffee.


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