Home Made Gluten Free Frappucino

If you’re like me and still need that caffeine six even when the London weather is crazy hot, here is my super quick home made Iced coffee that everyone will love. And if you have also had a reaction to the starbucks frappucino, this is the safe option!


Serves 1

5 mins prep

1 – 2tsp instant coffee

luke warm water

cold water


1 scoop Gluten Free Ice-cream. I picked pralines and cream but any plain vanilla will be equally as yummy!


Mix the coffee in with the look warm water, just enough luke warm water so as for all of the coffee granules to dissolve. If you have a proper espresso maker, use this and then add the ice cold water before placing in the fridge to cool the coffee down.

Fill the glass up to half way with cold water before pouring in the cold milk to almost the top.

Get a scoop full of the ice cream and then place this in the top. Mix a little and then either wait until the ice cream has just melted before tucking into your sunbathing treat.


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