Guilt AND Gluten Free Chilli Chicken Wrap

Perfect for quick light dinners or lunches at work, and for those of you prepping for the beach season. Full of crunchy raw vegetables, protein and packed full of flavour, NO ONE will be missing the gluten!


Serves 2
Lunch or Light dinner

10 mins prep
10 mins cooking

Lettuce (a simple round lettuce works the best)
Cabbage/Chinese leaf/Courgette
Gluten Free Sweet Chilli Sauce
(Cashew nuts to decorate)



Stir fry the sesame seeds, the birdseye chilli (deseeded and sliced into small pieces), the ginger (sliced thinly), the diced garlic and the lower half of the spring onions saving the upper green half for later. Meanwhile slice the chicken into thin strips.

Once the ingredients in the pan have just started browning put the chicken in the pan and sizzle it on a high heat. Once the chicken is almost brown all over put in a glug of soy sauce and a drizzle of honey. Turn the heat down to about 1/2 way to 3/4 and allow the chicken to go golden glazed.


In the meantime peel away 6 lettuce leaves, keeping them whole. Slice up the cabbage or chinese leaf thinly, and sprinkle a little into each lettuce leaf, and then grate a little courgette over the top. Slice the left over green tips of the spring onion thinly lengthways.

Once the chicken is nicely golden (after about 10 mins) divide the chicken into equal portions (there might be some left over1 Don;t fill the wraps too much or you won’t be able to fit them in your mouth!) Sprinkle over the coriander, the thinly sliced spring onions and a couple of cashew nuts. Finally finish it off with the drizzle of sweet chilli sauce and soy to taste.

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